Our dairy

In 1927, some local farmers resolved to not only sell the milk they produced directly as raw milk, but also process it themselves using traditional means. By doing so, they founded our dairy cooperative exactly 88 years ago.

This love of traditionally produced milk and the cooperative set-up of our Berchtesgadener Land dairy are still very much reflected in the high-quality products we create for you today.

We say YES to progress and modernity

… but only when they help us to enhance our dairy products even more safely and gently in your interests.

The secret of our success is the best quality

The best quality is our business

For you as a modern consumer, our mountain farm and organic Alpine milk products meet the two most important quality criteria: they are healthy natural products with distinct good taste.

Our diligence makes the difference.

It goes without saying that we make all our products exclusively in our Berchtesgadener Land dairy using fresh milk from the region.

We refine our raw milk for you using tried-and-trusted and particularly gentle production methods under the strict supervision of our experienced dairy master. At the same time, our highly modern facilities guarantee you the highest hygiene criteria and our products are safeguarded by strict quality control measures.

Extensive testing attest to the fact that our products are „very good“.

Strict monitoring by external experts provides a guarantee of our high standards of quality. Accordingly, it goes without saying that our comprehensive quality management system conforms to the International Food Standard and the food standards of the British Retail Consortium.