Natural feed

You should be aware of one thing: not all milk is the same. The colour may well be white, but there are considerable differences when it comes to the actual content. Primarily responsible for the good quality of our milk is the natural and first-class feed that we give our cows.

Our cows have a healthy and flavoursome diet, because all our farmers still use traditional feed – natural with no GM technology – consisting of grass and (medicinal) herbs. These natural plants grow in our dairy farming areas, the green belt of the Alps.

That is how we get the source material for our range of products: the best milk with a genuine guarantee of origin and especially high-quality ingredients.

Natural ... with no GM technology

Everybody is talking about GM technology,
we don’t use it.

Some milk cartons and bottles carry the „GM-free“ logo, others don’t. Many milk drinkers are unsure of what is actually in the individual packaging. 80% of you, the consumers, do not want GM technology in your food.

With us, you are on the safe side. All farmers – organic and mountain farmers – who supply our Berchtesgadener Land dairy, are committed to using only traditional feed which is guaranteed to be free of GM technology.

For your information, the milk packaging features the „GM-free“ label introduced by Ilse Aigner, the German Minister for Agriculture and Consumer Protection.


New binding milk supplier conditions

GM technology has always been a taboo subject when it comes to organic farming and the processing of organic products. That is why our 400-plus organic farmers provide you with a guarantee to only use natural feed with no GM technology, something which has been verified by independent testing institutes.

View the organic certificate for the BGL dairy

But that’s not all. Since January 2010, our conventional farmers have also said a unanimous YES to traditional feed – naturally with no GM technology.

The milk supplier conditions have been altered. They now contain an undertaking on the part of all our farmers to only use GM-free feed.


Trusting is good, monitoring is better.

At the Berchtesgadener Land dairy we like to be on the safe side, which is why we have commissioned an external testing institute with the task of monitoring compliance with the use of traditional feed. Feed suppliers, farmers and the dairy are also subject to unannounced checks.

As such, we can reliably guarantee you that our milk, no matter whether organic or mountain farm milk, is 100% produced with no GM technology. This is confirmed by the „GM-free“ logo on the packaging.