Fairness assured across the board

A fair milk price is also in your best interests, because it contributes to safeguarding agriculture in the mountain regions. As such, we are making an important contribution, both directly and indirectly, to preserving the culture and natural landscape of the Alps.

The „Naturland Fair“ label is confirmation of the neutrally verified cooperation of the dairy with our producers, trading partners, employees and consumers.

Demeter thanks the Berchtesgadener Land dairy for the high prices they have paid to Demeter farmers over the years.


We treat mountain farmers fairly

Our mountain farmers perform reliable work every day. We naturally recognise and appreciate this effort, and this is reflected in the price we pay them for the milk. A five-year comparison in the trade magazine top agrar (11/09) shows that all our Berchtesgadener Land farmers receive the best price in Germany for their milk.

This is how it’s possible:

  • Thanks to our modern and highly productive facilities. Profits are not retained, but instead invested in securing the economic future of the area and, alongside the milk money, paid out to members.
  • Thanks to you, our loyal customers. When buying your food, you do so in a responsible manner and support the farmers who work to produce it.

We are certified in accordance with „Naturland Fair“

The Berchtesgadener Land dairy is the first dairy and the first German company to have been successfully awarded Naturland Fair product certification for our organic dairy specialities.

The „Naturland Fair“ sign is your guarantee that our dairy works fairly with our producers, trading partners, employees and consumers.

The Naturland logo with the „Fair“ affix shows you that organic and fair come from one single source.

Naturland Fair Certificate
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Fair partnerships out of a sense of tradition

Fair to the producer
Today, more than 300 of our organic farmers work along the Alpine ridge in accordance with Naturland guidelines. On average, they have received the highest milk price in Germany over the last five years ( top agrar 11/2009).

Fair to the employee
Fairness begins at home. Accordingly, it goes without saying that social spaces and organic products are made available to our employees.

Fair to the trading partner
We demonstrably conduct long-standing business relationships with a focus on sustainability. That is why many of our supplier relationships have been established for decades.

Fair to the consumer
The way in which we communicate with you is always honest and fair. You quite rightly trust in the fact that all our products are only made at our Piding facilities in the Berchtesgadener Land using regionally sourced raw milk.

Fair to the environment
Due to the consistent organic path we have been pursuing for almost 40 years, we have demonstrated a high degree of social commitment to sustainable farming in the Alpine region. As such, we are actively committed to using traditional feed without GM technology in our entire milk collection area.

Fair Demeter milk price

As an important source of income, the price of milk is a crucial factor for biodynamic dairy farms when it comes to securing their future.

In the interests of their consumers, they keep their animals in a manner appropriate to the species and are remunerated for doing so with a higher milk price.

Enjoy Demeter milk from the Berchtesgadener Land, enjoy the Demeter milk which has received the award for best milk in Germany. The distinction in February 2010 came with the following note, which is also important for you as a consumer: „The good collaboration between Demeter farmer and Demeter dairy is exemplary for the entire industry“.

Demeter certificate