Organic quality ... assured for you!

Trust in controlled organic quality thanks to Demeter and Naturland

Almost 100 Demeter farms and more than 350 Naturland farms deliver 145,000 litres of milk to the Berchtesgadener Land dairy every day. Once it arrives, we further process it into organic Alpine milk, whipping cream, quark, Alpine butter, and various kinds of yoghurt. Naturally all in organic quality, so you can be sure of getting „the best of the mountains“ in keeping with our organic slogan.

Your guarantee of being in harmony with nature

The Demeter brand, which can be traced back to the anthroposophical and ecological pioneer Rudolf Steiner, guarantees that all produce is the result of biodynamic agriculture. Chemicals and hostile monocultures? „No thanks!“ say the Demeter farmers who only work in natural cycles. By doing so, they preserve the vitality of their products and keep the soil healthy and fertile, which ultimately benefits you as someone who enjoys the taste of controlled organic quality.

Your guarantee of being in harmony with life.

Naturland is a community of farmers committed to farming ecologically in strict accordance with Naturland guidelines. You can be sure that the main focus of these organic farming methods is on protecting the environment and preserving natural resources. As a consumer, you have a guarantee that feeding the animals with organic feed and keeping the animals in a manner appropriate to the species are as much a matter of course as not using chemical fertilisers and pesticides or industrial mineral fertilisers and GM technology. This allows you to simply enjoy controlled organic products!