Our mountain farmers

…… guarantee supreme pleasure for your palate

Amidst the impressive landscape where you take time to relax. Where it’s not your appointment diary that sets the pace, but the stunning natural surroundings. Where traditions still form the basis of real values and instil a deeper sense of meaning. Yes, this is where you will find the picturesque home of the cows and farmers that produce our mountain farm milk. A real pleasure for you. No small task for man and beast. Yet all the effort is worthwhile. That’s because fresh air, mountain water that flows fresh from the spring, diverse grass, rare herbs and robust Alpine hay make our cows content and you, too, as someone who enjoys our genuine mountain farm milk.

Mountain farm milk – the genuine article for you.

Genuine mountain farm milk – that is not a fantasy name, but an important and protected designation of origin that is a guarantee of its provenance.

More than 20 years ago, the EU laid down precise rules on who is permitted to call themselves a mountain farmer – with your interests in mind, but also to secure the existence of the families that live and work in the Alps. These hard-working people receive a grant to compensate for the difficult work they do (due to the high altitude and steep gradients), for working practices that are in tune with nature, and for the contribution they make to protect this unique cultivated landscape. And, ultimately, it is you who benefits as someone who really enjoys the milk.

You can be sure that our mountain farm milk comes solely from the mountain farmers and bordering green pastures in the Alpine region. These are small family-run businesses that have been farming the land located along the green belt of the Alps for generations.

Difficult work … outstanding quality

As a consequence of the altitude, our mountain farmers have always had to adapt considerably to nature when it comes to their farming methods. On average, a mountain farmer only owns between ten and twenty cows, and generally less than ten hectares of land. Intensive fertilisation? Sewage sludge? Factory farming? You quite rightly say: ‘No thank you!’ A gradient of 40% often only makes it possible to mow the grass manually. And that is a good thing, because it means that the animals have a rich variety of fodder, including grass, Alpine herbs and even medicinal plants which you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the Alpine region. All of this, of course, benefits you in the form of the outstanding quality and supreme taste of our mountain farm milk, which our mountain farmers still produce for you using traditional methods. Day in, day out.